Why DevOps

‘Why’ DevOps is gratuitous without knowing ‘what’ it means. You must check out my video tutorial on DevOps definition & it short, crispy illustration – video link. Now why would one opt DevOps. Well, a no. of points are enlisted to explain it better:

1. Stability and consistency

2. Improved customer experience

3. Faster ROI

4. Continuous improvement

5. Self-sustainable process

6. Monitoring

7. Data driven process improvement

DevOps is a combo of traditional software practices and tools for continuous improvement with time and advancements. It enhances the infrastructure i.e., in development, testing and release of products with better collaborative tasks and security. Sectors working on advance software has a greater pace of value delivered. It works quicker than a traditional software service & excels in stable, consistent and improvised customer experience. The software keep an eye on monitoring characteristics and thus improves in data driven processes i.e., it’s a self sustainable. Companies working on cultural philosophy has developed an appreciable goods and services production, delivery & analysis of feedback received via the same.