SonarQube is a static source code analysis tool. The tool makes assure the developers in the team follow particular coding standards for the code to be developed for production. It is very helpful where you have a big team and regular releases. It is a very tedious and time-consuming process if done manually. For this, one needs to download SonarQube and set it up. Here, I’m going to take a crisp session on SonarQube. You will learn to build the code and scan it. One will learn to publish the asked quality gate. You will be able to integrate Jenkins with SonarQube.

The integration can be installed on the agent via a standalone Sonar scanner for the demo video. We shall use C# to show the set-up for the same. We shall create the project manually to configure Jenkins wherein the. NET code is scanned by. NET scanner. Plugins for non.NET codes are different. The plugins are needed and their downloading process is explained. I shall explain to you to build code and scan. Almost every language is enabled following the conditions of the quality gate.

If any of the enlisted conditions aren’t followed, the project will be marked as failed otherwise passed.