Scrum Master : 3 Skills to become effective

Scrum master is a role where in you are constantly translating requirements from Product Owner and Development, this post provides you 3 skills to become effective in your day to day work along with core resposibilities of being a scrum master.

So, you are a Scrum master with a team who understand Scrum process. Your key responsibilities include

  • Ensure Scrum ceremonies are followed
  • Conduct planning, grooming
  • Retrospective meetings effectively

You focus to deliver most of the agreed user stories with no delays due to issues that are beyond your control such as technical work, deployment issues etc. In this post Scrum Master: 3 skills you have to Learn to become effective in your day to day work.

Do comment below to share if you think there are other skills to be added

Tooling – Ability to customize Jira , Azure Boards

If you have been a Scrum master , then you will be using one of the common tools built for Agile Project management , most popular one include

In most cases, you have been the end user of the tool , the tool configured for you and your team , by the admin of your organization or someone higher up .

You should focus on learning the customization or configuration of the work items, boards, process defined in these tools and ability to modify them, this requires no coding/technical experience.

This will help you to not only define the process but fine tune the process for the tool (depending on features in the tool) and reduce the time spent on ensuring the user stories are assign to right person , report of work item status etc.

Git – Basic understanding of Git and Git Workflow


Your development team use a source control management tool to manage the code changes across the project and ensure a ‘master’ copy of code is always available for production deployment.

Majority of team nowadays use a source control mechanism based on ‘GIT’ with tools such as GitHub, Azure Repos, BitBucket.

You need not to know each and every tool , but basic understanding of git and ‘branching’ strategies your team use . For better parallel feature development or clear sequence of feature release, branching strategies comes in handy. These skills will help you understand day to day discussion and issues faced w.r.t merging features and avoid delays wherever possible.

Visit my post of Git Terminologies Overview to understand basics of Git , and Git branching strategies to understand branching.

DevOps – Analytics

Your team can deliver features consistently and with great stability with you use scrum process in conjunction with DevOps.

Again, you need not know every thing about DevOps. But enough to generate reports on deployment status, Build success % etc. DevOps will help you to identify majority of possible blocker issues well ahead of your last day of sprint .

Overall, above skills will make you and your team more effective, reduce time spent on house keeping activities and reporting. You can use the additional time for monitoring and ensure releases of all agreed scope of the sprint.

Read the post Git – DevOps Workflow to understand how Git and DevOps work together.

With scrum master picking the 3 skills above along with to your experience as scrum master will help you to be effective with your day to day work with dev team.

Any queries or skills you think has helped you become better scrum master?, do comment