Hierarchy in Scrum

A framework that elicits the development, executing & sustaining product backlog. A scrum team is commonly 5-10 membered which finish the scrum mostly in 2 weeks or a month. The work item hierarchy of scrum can be enlisted in the sequence as follows:

1. Epic

2. Feature

3. User story

4. Task

5. Sub-task

Let’s perceive the intended meaning by an example. Suppose a UI is developed for registration and login, this module with all its characteristics is called an epic. Now comes the feature. The feature is the characteristics an epic has i.e., sign up, log in, forgot password, etc. The user story is the input that’s given by the customer or your product. Finally, the task and sub-task are done by the technical team to achieve the goal. A rich scrum thus developed needs an effective collaboration with the scrum team. The team held meetings frequently (perhaps daily) to achieve the same.

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