Git Terminologies – Pull

Here we will see basic commands and git terminologies overview that you need to start using git. The terms are same irrespective of which Git platforms or Azure Repos , or Gitlab , and various others you refer to .

View the video below to understand the clone command

Clone refers to the operation where in a target repository is cloned (copied) to the current folder on the local system.

Command Overview

Let’s look at the git command in detail. Read the article <> to install the command line tool required to try this command.

git pull

Above command will clone the ‘default’ branch from the repository.

Mandatory Parameters

None – New changes in the current branch will be synced from server.

Optional Parameters
–committhis option is in case of a merge operation , providing this option will merge and commit if no conflicts are found
–no-commitoverrides the –commit option

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