Getting Started with Azure Cloud

Helping Aspiring Solution Architects


Learn basics of Azure cloud , terminologies and Azure cloud services overview , prepares for Azure fundamental certification

What you will get?

In Person training and walkthrough with practical experiences to learn basics of azure cloud, benefits, and hands on, with minimal slides

Training Timelines


            Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays, 6 am to 8 am IST


            As per your availability and mutually agreed Time



Certification Prep

You will be prepared to take up AZ-900 certification after completing this course. You will also have the knowledge to try advanced certifications like AZ-104, AZ-400


  • Cloud Terminologies
  • Serverless, containerization, dockers
  • IaaC,CaaC, DevOps, CI,CD,Azure DevOps
  • Cloud vs On Premise Comparison
  • Data and storage Services Overview
  • Pricing model in Cloud vs onpremise
  • Azure Governance
  • Azure VM Services
  • Azure App Services overview
  • Azure Functions Overview


Cosmos DB

Storage Services


Overview of Monitoring services
App Insights
Log Analytics

  • Policies
  • Blue print
  • Other Security services

ARM Templates
Introduction to Bicep

  • Introduction to
    • Storage Queues
    • EventHub
    • EventGrid
    • Service Bus
  • Test your Knowledge
  • Azure App Service Practice
  • Storage Practice

Total Duration: 8 Hrs

About Instructor

Chaitanya comes with a decade and a half years of experience with software development and architecture, with exposure to technical and business side of software. Chai also has half a decade as tutor and trainer with live courses on Udemy and other platforms.