Git Stash

Here, I’m going to explain to you about the stash command. I have also explained terms like a branch, checkout, and clone concept earlier. Do check them out. It’ll help you to have a brief idea about Git terminologies. Stash command takes the state of your working directory. It can take the state of a …

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Pull request

The very next term after stash is a pull request. It is abbreviated as PR. It is a request to move code changes from one branch to another. Developers can raise the pull request. The PR raised is reviewed by the reviewer. Now the reviewers decide whether the PR would be approved or rejected. Feature …

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Git – DevOps Integration for effective delivery

In this time of software development, where in we develop and deploy new feature every sprint, automated deployment (CI/CD) play a pivotal role. Combnation of Git and DevOps configuration (Branching) helps to maximize effectivess of delivery. Here we will look at Git-DevOps integration which would allow effective delivery of projects and new features. Read my …

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