What is DevOps

When software is developed, a set of actions are planned. It has development, testing, and operations. I have shared a short and crisp video for the same. Watch it now. The development has 3- components. Designing and architecture helps to give an outline to the project. Unit testing and coding help to execute the plan. …

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Build in DevOps

The very next term which comes after source control is – build. You can see my 1-minute crispy video on source code. It will help you to understand the source code. The build is a particular version of the code compiled to be ready for deployment to various environments. It’s a chain of source code, …

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Artifact in DevOps

I have artifacts next on my list. Watch this 1- minute short and crisp video on- artifacts. An artifact is any output from CI/CD process which is shared across teams and processes. Artifacts are picked up and deployed further to the server. It can be in the form of build, zip file, python file etc. …

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Origin of DevOps

Origin of DevOps is a journey of serving better technology. It helps to reduce costs and time. A talk on the DevOps concept was held in 2009. The seminar was organized at the Flickr conference. DevOps is the combo of software development and operations. It helps in many computer operations. DevOps is an accelerated technology. …

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DevOps processes

DevOps is software development with operations. A company has its own needs to develop the software. A DevOps engineer understands the needs. He/she make a design for the software. Now the developed software is sent for its verification. Any bug or issue found is fixed. Bug is fixed on testing. The product is ready for …

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Terminologies: Iaac

Introduction to DevOps made by various technologies and a few fundamentals. One can explore our video tutorials for the above on DevOps. This will help you to get a brief illustration. The next term is – Iaac i.e., infrastructure as a code. Before this, we’ve explained the term – agent Iaac is a process allowing …

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