3 DevOps trends for future

After Continuous Integration and Delivery what is the future of DevOps. Below i list 3 DevOps trends for future that would help us to delivery software faster , with top quality.

Future of DevOps

First time i worked on CI/CD was over a decade ago, when i used CruiseControl.NET and created a HTML page to show list of builds. The page with yellow header and green/red rows.

Read my blog on Introduction to CI Process to understand basic CI process and Introduction to CD process for CD process.

Now, i create Realtime reports and dashboards .Automated emails to send scheduled reports.Develop jazzy responsive UI to showcase insights from devops implementations.

Around a Decade back, Implementing nightly build process was part of R&D teams in the organisation , or considered as “Good to have”.

Now , CI is part of every team and most companies have a CoE team as well. In more advanced team, Continuous testing (CT)


For a Business, Having a CI/CD process is still considered as a technical implement not really a business need / value add. which according to me is one of the main reason CI/CD fails to deliver its benefits.

Below i will share my views on what we can look forward to do or achieve in DevOps environment.

PS : This is my personal view, There is every chance i might be wrong 🙂

Continuous Value

So far , when most companies talk about CI / CD process, the discussions revolves around process and tools , which will help the development team and showcase the Intangible benefits to the business or organisation . I think this is going to change soon.

Businesses will expect a direct benefits to its value stream. It demands an approach to achieve Continuous Value creation instead of just technical implementation. You might see below integrations coming up focusing on

  • Value creation process and tools
  • Mind mapping tools for brainstorming.
  • Software development processes such as Scrum / Agile , product management tools

Allowing Business to define , measure and optimize ‘Value’ from products .

Continuous Coding

Your team would probably already be using tools such as Reshaper, SonarLint etc. You can also implement static code analysers to ensure basic code quality is maintained automatically.

I think soon we will see lot of bots and extensions in your favourite IDE , which not only highlight issues in code, may be it might auto fix some of the basic rules w.r.t code .

Continuous Insights

There will already be a lot of data if you have any CI/CD process setup. Right now, you ask anyone in industry and say ‘I have data’, then AI would be the next word.

But, before getting into AI, you have to look at the basic data available to

  • Analyse the bottlenecks which is slowing down the delivery
  • Areas of process improving

thereby reducing TAT for the feature development.

There is a lot that a business can achieve with a very robust DevOps environment and it can add value both to your delivery efficiency and business .

What i have listed are 3 DevOps trends for future as per my experience.

Do share your views , anything else you think will be good to have in DevOps ?, do comment